Why Baker Mayfield is the best QB in the 2018 draft class

It is not a secret that Baker Mayfield is a controversial player within the college football scene. We’ve seen him in a multitude of questionable actions; such as him trying to escape from police at 2 am, grabbing his crotch at the Kansas sideline after their football captains refused to shake his hand at the coin toss, and planting the OU flag in the middle of Ohio State’s football field directly on their logo. These actions are of course very hurtful on his reputation and have even gained him a number of harsh critics. Nevertheless, he did some incredible things this football season. He led his football team to the playoff semi-final where they lost in a spectacular game vs Georgia which would go to two overtimes and the score being 54-48. What is more, he became the first walk-on ever to win a Heisman, the nation’s top honor for the best player in the country. He’s proven himself to be a superstar this year which has helped raise his draft stock. Other popular QB prospects like Josh Rosen of UCLA and Sam Darnold of USC, are receiving more hype and are, in most mock drafts, being taken higher than Mayfield which is a mistake to NFL teams since he is more skilled than them in more ways. As the 2018 draft slowly approaches, teams need to be looking to draft him. Here’s why:

He’s an absolute monster on the field:

Baker Mayfield has absolutely crushed the college football world last season. He threw for over 4,500 yards while scoring 43 touchdowns and throwing 6 interceptions; he led the country for QB’s in completion percentage with 70.5%; he accumulated the second most amount of yardage for QB’s behind Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph, and even led the nation in passer efficiency with 198.9. The two other quarterback prospects in the draft, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen, rank 29th and 31st in passer efficiency respectively. Both of them have also thrown a combined 52 touchdowns, 9 more than what Mayfield did by himself. The catch is, according to ESPN, Oklahoma had the 6th toughest schedule in the nation this past season. It takes a phenomenal football player to be able to accomplish such amazing stats even while competing with such a tough schedule. This season wasn’t just one where Mayfield miraculously obtained these numbers, he had similar statistics in the 2016 season. He has progressed each season which shows consistency and progression, which is a major key factor for any player, especially quarterbacks, to succeed in the NFL.

Baker Mayfield’s career stats per season


“Confidence is key,” right? Well, Baker Mayfield lacks none of that. The average college football player isn’t going to go off and chew out an entire team or plant a flag at one of the nation’s most prestigious schools in America. Of course, it’s not a respective reflection of his morals, but it does show one beneficial aspect that everyone overlooks. Those actions display that he’s absolutely loaded with confidence, which is vital for achieving success at the next level. The best players in the league might play different positions, but they all have something in common; confidence. With the incredible amount of his faith, Mayfield is fated for being a great quarterback in the National Football League. When asked about the Cleveland Browns, the NFL team that has gone through not 1, not 6, not 19, but 32 quarterbacks since their last decent one in two-time Pro Bowler Bernie Kosar in 1992 and are 38-114 since 2008, Mayfield said:

“If anyone’s going to turn around that franchise, it’d be me.”

That quote right there is the exact attitude that NFL teams need to be taking notice of. Despite all of America understanding why he wouldn’t want to play for the Browns, Mayfield goes against that by saying he’d be able to turn around the Brown’s poorly organized program, something that hasn’t been done in a long time. That truly says something special about him.

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With the first pick, it’ll be interesting to see what the Browns decide to do with their pick. The clear answer is to draft the AP Player of the Year, Davey O’Brien and Maxwell Award winner, Heisman winner, and All-American, Baker Mayfield.